10 Best Comfort Soups

My latest booklet. 10 best soups of all time!

My latest booklet. 10 best soups of all time!

Soup of the Day!

I am pleased to announce the release of my latest book. ‘Barefoot and Num Nums, Top 10 Comfort Soups’. As a sea kayaker I eat a lot of soups. They pack well, and if frozen will help keep everything else cool and fresh as well. A good hearty soup will boost your energy during a paddling day and is a great reward while resting in camp once the paddling day is done.

In my new book I offer up what I think are the 10 best comfort soup recipes of all time. Fast and easy to make they will be a great companion on the water, or loafing on the sofa in the off-season as the snow piles up outside. So kick off your shoes and socks, brew up a bowl of good soup and enjoy what comfort is all about!

Paperback and ebook versions currently available through Blurb.com online bookstore.


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