Kayaking Books

Kayaking Books

Over the past ten years my passion for sea kayaking has grown and opened up new directions in my life, such as the occasional magazine article and of course self-publishing kayaking books. I have two that I am quite proud. The first is my most recent book, The Hungry Kayaker, which is a combination cookbook and camping for dummies guide with the weekend paddler, or recreational camper in mind. Filled with good common sense tips to make your camping trips run smoothly as well as a healthy supply of tasty recipes that are easy to prepare both at home and in the outdoor setting.

The second is a semi-autobiographical book following myself and three friends on a tour of the rugged little know area of the west side of Vancouver Island north of Nootka Island known as Nuchatlitz. It is a word that will fill your mouth and a place that filled my senses, and aroused the imagination. Nuchatlitz is a place of ancient history, native people, and some of the finest kayaking I have done. Set in an archipelago of islands and islets bordered by two wide inlets it is a place of ghosts, bears and what we brought with us, including a wobbling group dynamic. Four guys, twelve days and some blowing off of steam from the world we left behind. Dreaming in Nuchatlitz is my paddling journey through all of the above and I would hope a good companion to anyone planning to paddle there.
Links to these books are on my newly live Books tab on the home page. I invite you all to give them a looksy. Perhaps buying a copy. If you can help keep this kayaker from having to get a ‘real’ job.



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