Stretching my Paddling Muscles

Taking a break at Yeo Pt. Salt Spring Island.Photo by Dave Barnes

Taking a break at Yeo Pt. Salt Spring Island.
Photo by Dave Barnes

A spontaneous 20k paddle to shock the paddling muscles back to life.

I can’t remember when it was that I was in my kayak for more than just an hour or two. I had the idea for a few days to do a longer paddle but with our nutty schedule of late it was harder to factor it all in. Weather, tides, and could anyone pick me up at the other end?

As it turned out Jen had the day off and that meant I could extend my time on the water to all day if I wanted. Not wanting to do another A to A paddle there and back again I opted to have her drop me in town, Ganges and pick me up some time later in Fulford Harbour. I had done this paddle before and had a vague idea how long it would take me, even with the tide going against me, and my winter flab.

I chose to beat against the tide all day simply due to the fact the view is much better heading southwards than northwards into town. It was a small price to pay and as it turned out I made good time, partly due to the incredible calmness and lack of wind. With the sea as smooth as silk I slipped away from the mudflat beach in town and along the shore for about 20kms stopping along the way at Yeo Point in Ruckle Park and again at the Native Reserve at the mouth of Fulford Harbour. All in all it took about four hours to get there on a lovely, mild February Sunday.

Click the Youtube link below to come along for a ride.


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