Rainy Day

The forecast is for wetness in varying degrees this week. Chance of showers, the slight drizzling mist of this morning, and the threat of out-and-out rainfall scheduled so inconveniently for Friday, which happens to be my 48th birthday. It is on this silly wet Tuesday that I consider the year before and the year ahead of me. Hoping that my fortunes improve as will the weather (eventually). It is on this wet morning after a walk uphill from town in the drizzle that was not set to arrive as the so-called chance of showers until much later in the day. I didn’t pack my raincoat in my shoulder bag. Alas, I arrived home a bit dampened and so went my spirits for the day. Overcast, with chances of grumpy are in store. It is on this day that I consider too my age and that it was clearly around this period in my dad’s life that we first arrived on Salt Spring Island. It is a thought that both without question astounds and betrays me. I cannot be that old? He was old, eleven years older than my mother (by some coincidence I am ten years older than my own wife) and when I was a kid, he and his friends were to my thinking, old! Am I looking that way to the kids of my contemporaries these days? Perish the very thought.

We are only as old as we think we are. Rubbish or creative denial of the advance in age, the rings of my own tree truck gaining in number by the minute. My recent sprint around the island by kayak tells me that at least mentally I am in some sort of denial vortex that allows me to trick the body into going the distance. Most days I revel in thinking that I am still in my early thirties. A rough and tumble time of finding out that I did enjoy roughing it in the outdoors, whether atop a forested mountain or on some rain-swept notch in the rugged west coast shore line. Aches and pains may have been there but are forgotten.

Today’s forecast is rather damp dark and dour. I will hope to improve my own mood with some menu planning for this weekend’s North African themed potluck and extended birthday party. If nothing else, food being a passion second only to sitting in a kayak on a rainy day, or any day for that matter no matter what the weather, food is a safe place to hide for now. Perhaps the next morning will provide a glimpse of sunshine, a dose of vitamin D and a renewed spirit. Add some couscous and spicy chicken curry from Senagal and we might be talking!


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