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California Here We Come

It’s been a few weeks¬†since I have had time, mind power and energy to sit down and put anything resembling coordinated coherent thoughts to the blog. May has been, wothout a doubt the topper to a long period of random and seemingly uncontrollable events shaping the direction of my life.

We start at the beginning, or rather the ending of April with the random chance of a new job at a fast-paced kitchen of a local restaurant. I have to state from the this point that I have never set foot in such a place. My last stint in anything like it was over 30 years ago as busboy and dishwasher in a small old lady type tea shop where the pace was, well elderly and that gave me the time needed to scrub the impenetrable layers of old lady lipstick that encrusted each and every teacup that ended up in my sink. This was done only after I removed the heaping contents of tissues and cigarette butts from the cups (it was still  the days of smoking indoors, and nothing, nothing is more unattractive than ashtray ash floating in your dishbin).

I got the job after answering an ad on the local online classified list and within an hour had a reply from the chef wanting to hire me. Holy, they must be hard up for staff. I suppose my age had something to do with my sudden employment. I would later discover why a 48 year-old kayaker with a sketchy at best resume would be hired on as prep cook/dishpit worker, that being the kids were either not showing up, or unable to meet the demands of the job, which there are a few.

Having landed paying work at last the home life began to relax. Then I got the call one afternoon that my wife had been in a car accident! With the help of a friend I made it to the ER before the ambulance and happily she was not badly hurt, but the car was found on the side of the road upside down! In fact, she is very lucky to still be with us and I am forever grateful to whatever fateful hands kept her safe that afternoon. The ups and downs, pre and post accident, new job, being landed on bad schedules of midnight shifts and walking to and from work left little time to the dilly dally of blogging. That was all the weird stuff of the past few weeks in a nutshell, the good news is I will soon have something kayaking related to write about. As of tomorrow morning my good friend Gus, local marathon endurance paddler and I will drive to Redding California to take part in the inaugural running of the Cali 100.

For all the details, check the supplied link and stay tuned next week for photos, and some posts about the trip, the race and whatever else I think to tell you all.


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