Spring, Are We There Yet?

Springtime paddle  It is the middle of March and the fatigue has set in and there are little reserves. The rainy season that begins when the taps open in October and pour steadily until at least April is nearly at a close, but not without a last-minute blast of winter. Weird rain that we never see out here on the wet coast, they called it snow. Is that right, is that the right word? It did that for three days straight and put my little island and the inhabitants thereof into a right tizzy brought about by power outages causing the inability to live normal lives and make coffee. Then, just as it began to melt, it snowed one more time to rub salt in the wound.

Should we complain? Yes, I feel the right to gripe about the weather even though most of this past winter was hardly a burden. Very little rain, the temperatures were mild as could be and only until the last weeks has it been, well, weathery! Ah, yes the fatigue of winter almost completely erased with that first slap in the face of sunshine that packs some warmth with it. I felt that this week so it must be all over. Time to break out the t-shirts and sandals and chill with morning cups on cafe patios while pondering what island to paddle the kayak to that day. Oh, wait the sun has been stopped by a passing cloud. Illusions damaged and time to retire indoors. I saw my shadow, I’m screwed! We are not there yet!

I had a year without kayaking and am feeling the loss from not spending time in my boat. Work and an injury caused the need to hang up the paddle for a season. Needless to say, I am itching to get on the water with my lack of strength and a newly restored and varnished kayak. Any window will do and the other morning, early with only a half cup of coffee fueling me I paddled a short 8K against a minor current on calm waters. Above me and around me I could see why we are not exactly there yet. To the north, where a small but chilly breeze was building was blue skies with snow-capped mountains on Vancouver Island looking mighty inviting as scenery goes. To the south as shown in the photo above, the signs of a new rainy day coming my way. Back to the northerly view, a stream of dark grey clouds blowing at a fast pace like a curtain at the end of a line, pulled over the blue. The fight inside me for the need for springtime was being played out in the skies above. Who will win, Blue or Grey? Only time will tell, and the forecast calls for wind and rain all weekend long so I better enjoy it while it lasts.

In a month, all this whingeing will be but a memory, as will the shock caused by freak snow storms and chilly temperatures, and heavy rains. The sun again hit my face today giving me hope that it will soon be over. The fatigue of winter is still clinging to my fringes, and I am the bear stretching and cranky after a winter cooped up in the cave where I will hibernate for the weekend and wait for the sun predicted to come back early next week. Are we there yet?


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