The Rogue Paddler

author photo.tif   Hey everyone, welcome to my new version of an older blog site.

Kayak Rogue has been a place for me to voice an opinion or two, add some advice and tips from my years on and off the water with my kayak. It has been an exciting few years since I first sat in the cockpit of a sea kayak and little by little it has become a true passion in my life.

I live on Salt Spring Island in the heart of the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada where I write, paddle, create wooden treasures and enjoy a quiet life.

So, sit back and feel free to browse around my posts. All comments (within reason) are welcome. I love a good discussion so lets talk paddling, camping and of course, good food!


Dave a.k.a. Paddlingboy


  1. #1 by Mark Byrne on March 25, 2014 - 10:15 pm

    Hi Dave,

    Like most things these days, I stumbled across your work on the internet through a link posted by a kayaking mentor of mine (Paddling Otaku) whom I have never met in person. His work inspired me venture out onto the water a few years back and experience a different type of living that land locked souls cannot understand.

    Along comes Kayak Rogue based in our playground we call the Southern Gulf Islands and your experiences have now been added to my kayak “must reads”. Your work has re-stoked my inner fire to explore by kayak once I get through a health hick-up that has left me dry recently. Being a blog writer (novice in my opinion) my passion for putting to words our experiences has also grown from reading your posts.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.


    • #2 by paddlinboy on March 25, 2014 - 11:01 pm

      Wow Mark, to be added in the ‘must read’ along with Paddling Otaku (whom I have not met in person either) is an honour. Quite often I speak of paddlers as a tribe. A group of people with a singular passion and some common knowledge that others, who don’t venture off the safe shores will never quite understand. I suppose that goes as well towards us kayaking bloggers. Here is wishing you a speedy recovery and a return to the places we both know and love so well. Perhaps we may meet on the water some time if this late spring ever lets us back on the ocean.

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